Beneficiary Registration Launched in Kabul

The Beneficiary Registration and Selection process officially launched on 08th January 2020 in Kabul province.

A total of 8 Senior Staff of MoRR, MUDL, Kabul governor’s office and representative from UNHCR participated in the inauguration of the technology-based beneficiary registration and selection at MoRR. The ceremony started by the recitation of Holy Quran followed by the brief speech of MoRR minister, deputy minister of MUDL, deputy of Kabul governor and UN-Habitat country programme manager.

The MoRR minister (Balkhi) explained, beneficiaries will be selected in accordance to the presidential decree 305, by provincial beneficiary selection consortia led by MoRR. He further said, previously there had been issues related to the transparency at refugee’s township. However, the issue was addressed by the endorsement of new presidential decree 305. He also mentioned that the beneficiary selection consortium led by MoRR was established in accordance to the presidential decree in which seven government and UN agencies are the members. The minister also thanked UN-Habitat and other government agencies involved in SHURA programme for their support throughout the process.

The MUDL deputy minister (Totakhil) also expressed his happiness on seeing the practical implementation of PD 305, and elaborated that 1.5 million Jeribs of land is registered in State Land Bank. He further explained, these lands besides allocating for families of returnees, IDPs and martyrs of security and defense forces will also be used for developmental projects. He also thanked the government and international agencies for implementing the PD 305.

Moreover, the deputy of Kabul governor Ms. Hanifa Girowall thanked UN-Habitat implementing SHURA programme in Kabul. She elaborated that Kabul governor’s office expects transparency in the process and will support it in the future too.

The UN-Habitat country programme manager also congratulated for the start of beneficiary registration in Kabul. He explained, for the first time in the history of Afghanistan a web-based beneficiary registration system is being developed and used. He further elaborated, the beneficiary registration system helps in transparency, has the ability to be replicated across the country and strengthens the coordination mechanism for addressing the return and reintegration issues.

During the opening ceremony, some returnees and IDPs were present in the Registration center in order to register themselves to receive assistance under SHURA programme. Some of the returnees and IDPs have expressed their happiness for such initiatives and hoped that government and other humanitarian agencies would pay more attention to address their needs.

The inauguration ceremony was largely covered by local and national media.
In the end, minister Balkhi and Totakhil answered the questions of national media.

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