National Steering Committee Meeting 2

The SHURA steering committee meeting was held on April 24, 2019, at European Union Delegation compound. In this meeting the high government officials and donor representatives including Minister Balkhi (MoRR Minister), Deputy Minister from Ministry of Urban Development and Land, Deputy Minister for Municipalities, representatives from president’s and CEO’s offices, representatives from European Union and Danish Embassy participated.

At the beginning Minister Balkhi thanked European Union, Danish Embassy and other involved national and international agencies for their support to Displaced and Returnees Executive Committee (DiREC) and urged the donor community to allocate more funds for reintegration in Afghanistan.

The European representative expressed their honor in hosting the National Steering Committee of the SHURA programmeme. And elaborated that European Union has allocated a special fund for displacement response in the region focusing on Afghanistan. EU representative also shared their views with the government counterparts on providing integrated, sustainable, durable solutions for returnees and IDPs, and to support reintegration, access to land and livelihoods as the foundations for self-reliance.

Representative of Danish Embassy explained that supporting reintegration in Afghanistan is a top priority for Danish Government and therefore, Danish Embassy supports ARAZI Land Bank. The Deputy for MUDL explained that Land Bank has identified and registered 3.5 million Jeribs of state land across the country. And part of identified land has already been allocated for implementation of SHURA programmeme in Herat and Kabul.

The UN-Habitat SHURA programmeme manager also thanked all the partners involved in this programmeme. He elaborated, SHURA programmeme is a key opportunity for this diverse partnership to co-develop an effective replicable model to roll-out SHURA approaches to expand reintegration in Afghanistan.

  • Activation of Provincial Beneficiary Selection Consortia in Kabul and Herat Provinces.
  • Prioritizing Beneficiary selection to enable the people centered approach.
  • Establishing important lessons to replicate SHURA and expand the reintegration programmeme
  • The need to ensure sustainability and Replicability by achieving optimum costs per beneficiary with the understanding that government of Afghanistan will scale-up reintegration programmeme in more provinces.

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