Reintegration Settlements Planning Workshop

On the 15th , 17th and 18th of April 2019, MUDL and UN-Habitat conducted a site planning workshop on reintegration settlements planning.

The objectives of the workshop were developed by UN-Habitat and MUDL, specifically aiming at addressing the needs of the SHURA programmeme (implemented in Herat and Kabul) and its potential scale-up and replications in other provinces.

  • Initiating an integrative planning process with relevant MUDL directorates and stakeholders involved in the development of the Eltefat site in Northern Kabul.
  • Raising awareness of the specific needs relatives to the implementation of the “Presidential Decree on the identification and allocation of suitable land for the re-integration and construction of affordable housing for returnees, internally displaced persons and families of martyrs of the country’s security and defense” ( PD305) allowing articulation of humanitarian and development assistance into an incremental site development process, maximizing employment opportunities and facilitating the development of new neighborhoods .
  • Initiating a knowledge exchange with MUDL technical teams and stakeholders on developing plans serving the National-wide reintegration process.
  • Creating multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder’s taskforces to organize the development of three key outputs:
    • Eltefat masterplan (under MUDL leadership with TA from UNH)
    • Site planning guidelines for PD305 like settlements
    • Incremental housing standards and guidelines

The workshop took place in MUDL and at Kabul Star hotel with attendance of 22 to 28 participants from MUDL directorates, MORR, UN-Habitat, HLP-TF and the Shelter Cluster.

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