National Steering Committee Meeting 1

The SHURA national steering committee meeting was held on October 10, 2018. The high government officials, donor representatives, UN-Habitat SHURA representative and other UN-Agencies representatives participated.

Key discussion points in this meeting was the EU and Danish Embassy financial support for reintegration purposes, PD 305 development by the government of Afghanistan to contribute to the national priority programme, and consider SHURA as an opportunity to showcase the reintegration implementation through a people process at area based level.

At the beginning of the meeting, Minister Balkhi shared his opinion on the importance of SHURA programme and its relation to successfully implement PD 305. He further emphasized that all partners should ensure their activities in SHURA programme is aligned with PD 305.

The discussion followed by Paikar (Director of ARAZI) as he ensured the full support of his team for successful implementation of SHURA programme in Kabul and Herat. DMM also highlighted that UN-Habitat has always been a strategic partner to the government and municipalities. European Union and Danish Embassy representatives also emphasized for need to work for displaced people.

The meeting was concluded resulting in SHURA to be implemented in Kabul and Herat, ensure the ToRs and activities are aligned with PD 305.

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